Towards Smart City on ultra wideband

Acea and Open Fiber have signed an agreement to collaborate for the implementation of an ultra wideband fibre optic infrastructure in the Capital. From real-time monitoring of the electricity grid to the offer of new and revolutionary services to citizens: Smart Cities are coming closer.

Today it is possible to imagine an electricity distribution or water supply network that is constantly monitored and able to transmit information in real time. 

Modern electronic technologies, together with next-generation communications infrastructures, allow us to materially envisage not just innovative services for people, companies and institutions, but distribution networks equipped with a high level of intelligence, and therefore more efficient and able to prevent malfunctions and better withstand potential difficulties.

The creation of a cutting-edge network

This is the horizon envisaged by the agreement signed in 2017 between Acea and Open Fiber – leading players in the market for implementation, management and maintenance of a fibre optic network using Fibre to the Home (FTTH) technology – for the implementation of an ultra wideband telecommunications network in the municipal area of Rome. 

Accordo tra Acea e Open Fiber

A strategic agreement for Acea and for the community

Outlined in August 2017 and finalised at the beginning of 2018, the agreement between Acea and Open Fiber promises to revolutionise telecommunications in the Capital. The project provides for the implementation – over a period of five years and with a total investment of 375 million Euro (including 25 million appropriated by Acea) – of a next-generation fibre optic infrastructure that will enable a series of highly innovative services in the cultural, healthcare, social and business development and Public Administration fields, also via the realisation of new applications for telecommunications and remote control of power and water networks.

Acea investirà 25 milioni di euro nel progetto e per la posa della rete metterà a disposizione di Open Fiber le proprie infrastrutture.

ACEA will make available to Open Fiber its infrastructures in order to enable the laying of fibre optic cable – with a view to reaching 370,000 residential units within 5 years – without excessive repercussions on the life of the town. Moreover, the two companies have also provided for a possible joint venture to be set up, during 2018, with ACEA as majority shareholder, for the development of a series of smart services for citizens.

Thanks to this agreement, Acea’s power grid will be among the first in Italy to exploit Internet of Things potential.

Whilst this is still a future scenario, on the other hand, owing to this agreement, Acea will certainly be one of the first players in Italy to exploit the potential of Internet of Things technology for its power grids. The objective is to raise the degree of intelligence of the infrastructure, allowing it to be monitored in real time, enhancing its level of resilience and consequently its efficiency.

Acea e Open Fiber

A major step towards the Smart City 

This is a fundamental step towards the construction of a new and modern town, able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the emerging Industry 4.0. Stefano Donnarumma, Acea’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “By way of this agreement Acea enters a new dimension that will project the city of Rome towards material implementation of the so-called “Smart City”.”

“By way of this agreement Acea enters a new dimension that will project the city of Rome towards material implementation of the so-called Smart City"

Stefano Donnarumma

Acea Chief Executive Officer