Focus on infrastructures

Acea targets innovation of its infrastructures. Transformation of its networks with a view to anticipating the future: the 2018-2022 Business Plan announces 3 billion Euro in infrastructure investments, including 400 million Euro for technological innovation.

Given the situation of rapid evolution as regards all of the Group’s industrial sectors of operation, Acea has decisively chosen to deal with the challenge posed by the market, by targeting innovation and the upgrade of its network infrastructure.

Acea today is a modern digital multi-utility, heavily committed to innovation projects.

A choice with immediate effects – investments totalling around 3 billion Euro have been set aside in the Business Plan approved at the end of 2017 – but capable of looking towards the long term and following technological development.

With infrastructure investments of around 3 billion Euro, the 2018-2022 Business Plan will transform Acea’s water and electricity networks

Overall, the 2018-2022 Business Plan provides for infrastructure investments totalling 3 billion Euro. The project in question will profoundly transform Acea’s water and electricity networks, making them more efficient and paving the way – thanks to next-generation technologies – for the transformation of Rome into an ever smarter town.

The various investments to be carried out in respect of water infrastructures include, among other interventions: reclamation of over 800 kms of water and sewerage network, enabling a reduction in network leaks, dealing with potential water emergencies in the best way possible; development and upgrade of major treatment plants and rationalisation of about 40 smaller facilities; the introduction of remote meter reading systems, due to the installation of approximately 500 thousand Smart Meters.

The electricity network, on the other hand, is taking its first steps towards the future with the upgrade of over 2,500 kms of low voltage network in order to increase available capacity, smartisation of the Roma Capitale grid to enable new services via the laying of approximately 1,500 kms of fibre optic cable and the installation of around 1 million Smart Meters; the introduction of automation and remote control systems on Secondary Substations and Public Lighting.

Innovation: one of the pillars of development

Of the four pillars of development identified by the 2018-2022 Business Plan, innovation is one of the most important.

In detail, as regards technological innovation, of the 3 billion Euro the plan assigned an investment of 400 million Euro to the implementation of new technologies, which will impact both the infrastructures – with a view to enhancing their safety and efficiency – and the firm’s relationship with its people and customers.

The 2018-2022 Business Plan has appropriated 400 million Euro for technological innovation.

Schema investimenti

In fact, the technologies to be put in place will aim to:

  • increase the automation of industrial processes
  • improve network resilience
  • build the Smart Grids and Smart Cities that will provide benefits for the people.